At Smart Meals, we offer a diverse range of delicious meal options to suit every taste and lifestyle. Whether you prefer ready-to-cook, ready-to-eat, or ready-to-drink meals, we've got you covered with our convenient and nutritious offerings.


Our Meal Categories

Ready to Cook
Ready to Cook

Our ready-to-cook meals are perfect for those who enjoy the satisfaction of preparing their own food. Simply choose from our selection of frozen dishes, including savoury entrees and mouth watering appetisers, and follow the easy cooking instructions. With a longer shelf life, these meals are ideal for stocking up your freezer and enjoying whenever the craving strikes.

Ready to Cook
Ready to Eat

For those busy days when you need a quick and hassle-free meal solution, our ready-to-eat options are the perfect choice. Our cooked meals are refrigerated to maintain freshness and only require heating before consumption. With a shorter shelf life compared to ready-to-cook meals, they're the perfect option for those looking for convenience without sacrificing taste.

Rose Milk
Ready to Drink

Quench your thirst and boost your energy with our refreshing selection of fresh juices and flavoured drinks. Made with the finest ingredients and packed with vitamins and nutrients, our ready-to-drink options are perfect for staying hydrated and revitalised throughout the day.


Subscription Delivery Plan

Join our subscription delivery plan for just AED 350 per year and enjoy free delivery on all your orders placed through our website or mobile application. With this convenient plan, you'll never have to worry about running out of your favourite meals again.

Weekly Menu Updates

Stay tuned for our weekly menu updates, featuring new and exciting dishes that are available for a limited time only. With fresh menu options added every week, there's always something new to discover and enjoy.


Fast and Convenient Delivery

Place your orders before 16:00 hrs and enjoy next day delivery straight to your doorstep. With our fast and convenient delivery service, you can enjoy delicious meals whenever you want, wherever you are.

Ready to Cook vs. Ready to Eat

FeaturesReady to CookReady to Eat
Shelf LifeLongerShorter
PreparationRequires CookingRequires Heating
ConvenienceMore Preparation TimeLess Preparation Time
VersatilityCooking FlexibilityConvenience
Ideal ForThose who Enjoy CookingBusy Individuals
On-the-Go Lifestyle

Subscription Plan

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AED 45 + (VAT) / Month

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Monthly Subscription


AED 350 + (VAT) / year

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Access to Weekly Specials


Discount on Single Meal Prices


How it works


Choose your Plan

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Pick your Meals

  • Choose Meals as per your Meal Plans.
  • Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian
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Set your Delivery

  • Select a Delivery Date and location for your Meals delivery.
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Receive your Meals

  • Unpack your meals box.
  • Store your meals in the freezer.
  • Heat and enjoy the fresh Meal

*Note: All Our Meals Are Blast Chilled and frozen for longer shelf life. The meals are delivered in Controlled below 0 degree temperature. Meals need to be heated as per instructions provided for better quality consumptions.